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Title: Head of International Relation, Department of Digital Transformation, Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Italian Government

Focus of your role

  • Strategy and policy

What areas are you particularly interested in re far future tech?

  • Citizen-centric tech
  • Digital identity
  • Human-centred design in tech
  • Tech for good
  • Governance / innovation-friendly regulation

Daniela Battisti (Ph.D. Rutgers 1994) has a long track record of positions in the public administration and wide experience in public policy analysis. She is currently Head of the International Relations Unit, Department of Digital Transformation – Presidency of the Council of Ministers. She represents and coordinates the Italian digital policy within international organizations and the EU.
Since 2001, she has been a delegate the OECD Committee on Digital Economy (previously ICCP). She is a member of the e-Government Action 2016-2020 Benchmark Subgroup and e-Government Action Plan Steering Board – DG CONNECT.

What do you see as the biggest opportunities and challenges for future and emerging tech (5-20 years)?

In times of growing complexity and critical uncertainty, data analytics can help to to better understand the unapparent – economic, social, cultural, scientific- phenomena of the present to build greater anticipatory capacity and plausible future scenarios. Public institutions’ lack of understanding of the implications and functioning of the future technologies.

What’s the one priority for joint action you would like to take forward among European partners?

A common data strategy.